As required by Section 36.108(e), Texas Water Code, a meeting of the Groundwater Management Area 14 Joint Planning Committee, comprised of representatives from the following groundwater conservation districts located wholly or partially within Groundwater Management Area 14: Bluebonnet GCD, Brazoria County GCD, Lone Star GCD, Lower Trinity GCD, and Southeast Texas GCD—will  be held on Tuesday May 23, 2023 beginning at 10:00 A.M. at the City of Cleveland Civic Center, 210 Peach Ave., Cleveland, TX  77327.


The items of business to be considered and transacted during the meeting are as follows:

1.         Call to order;

2.         Confirmation of receipt of posted notices;

3.         Welcome and introductions;

4.         Public comment;

5.         Discussion and possible action to approve minutes of the March 7, 2023 GMA 14 Joint Planning Meeting;

6.         Updates from the TWDB and discussion on the comments received for the recently updated groundwater availability model (GULF-2023 model);

7.         Review, discussion and possible action on the recently updated groundwater available model identified as the GULF-2023 Model and its potential utilization during the current round of Desired Future Conditions planning;

8.         Discussion and possible action regarding next meeting date, location, and agenda items;

9.         Meeting Adjourned.


Comments concerning any aspect of this meeting should be directed to Mr. John Martin of the Southeast Texas Groundwater Conservation District, P.O. Box 1407, Jasper, TX 75951; [email protected], or (409) 383-1577.


Come to hand and posted on a Bulletin Board in the Courthouse,               County, Texas, on this, the                            day of May, 2023.


John Martin, Chairman

GMA 14 Planning Group

                                                         Deputy Clerk



                                                         County, Texas


These public meetings are available to all persons regardless of disability.  If you require special assistance to attend the meeting please contact the Southeast Texas Groundwater Conservation District, (409) 383-1577, at least three working days prior to the meeting, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.