An exempt well shall mean any well for which the District is prohibited to require a permit under the District Act, Texas Water Code §36.117 or the District Rules including a well conditionally exempt under Rule 16. Exempt wells include wells used solely for domestic or agriculture purpose or for providing water for livestock or poultry (these uses constitute Exempt Purpose) that is either drilled, completed, or equipped so that it is incapable of producing more than 100,000 gallons per day and certain wells for hydrocarbon production. Wells to supply water for subdivision of land for which plat approval is required by law or regulation are not exempt. For all purposes herein, an Exempt Well shall be exempt from permitting requirements and production fees but shall not be exempt from pre-registration or registration requirements.
Your support ensures the Southeast Texas Groundwater Conservation District meets the requirements of accountability and good stewardship that it was designed to accomplish without creating unnecessary burden to those affected by the system.
This website provides the forms necessary for registering your well and/or applying for a permit to operate a non-exempt well in the District. The registration of an exempt well is free of charge. To protect your rights, the Southeast Texas Groundwater Conservation District needs to know where your well is.
The General Manager of the Southeast Texas Groundwater Conservation District may be contacted by visiting the office at 271 East Lamar, Jasper, Texas 75951, by telephone at (409) 383-1577 or, by e-mail at [email protected].

Below you will find the rules in which we operate

Texas Rules and Regulations